Welcome to MyKiEnergy

Hello and welcome to MyKiEnergy!

Carla Garner and I have been teaching courses in spiritual self-development, mindfulness and meditation for over 15 years. We teach courses that help people from all walks of life to meditate and to connect to themselves completely – mind, body and spirit. We’ve seen the impact our courses have had on people countless times. Our courses make people feel happier, calmer and more tranquil. We’ve seen people grow more confident and internally stronger. We’ve seen many discover hidden talents and abilities that have changed their lives.

We are not special and we are not gurus. Our courses are designed to make you your own guru with the tools to be able to listen to your inner voice and use that practically in your life. We have been students of this just like you and we continue to learn every day. There are many great teachers out there and we won’t tell you we are the best. But we found that many people don’t get the chance to do courses for lots of reasons. We also felt there was a lack of simple, practical courses out there. Many exercises yes, but complete courses in self development no! So we decided we wanted to share our courses with a wider audience and that’s how we created Core Power Programme 1.

Core Power Programme 1 is the first of our courses. It’s a foundation course of practical exercises to help you get in touch with your inner self and develop your intuition, to help you relax, feel more connected and sleep better, to feel more confident, happier and positive. You’ll learn to meditate and be more present and mindful. The course is for anyone, complete beginners and those more experienced. This is because we’ve chosen simple, practical exercises proven to work. You can download them to any device and listen to them in your own time. It’s not just listening, you will be working with the support of Carla’s voice.

On our website, you can learn more about MyKiEnergy, sign up for a free exercise, listen to extracts and buy the course.

We will be posting here to explore the different elements of our courses in more detail. We hope you’ll find this helpful and informative. Send us your feedback and let us know what’s on your mind.

Visit us now on http://mykienergy.com

Michael Hawkins