What do we mean by spiritual self-development, mindfulness and meditation?

The word ‘psychic’ comes from the Greek word ‘psyche’ meaning ‘soul, mind or spirit’. Our mind, body and spirit are communicating with us all the time but we are often unable to listen as everyday life or the noise from our busy brain gets in the way. As energy beings we are also connected to all energy in the universe, both physical and emotional, but we need training and practice to harness it. This training takes time but as we improve and become advanced, we are able to perceive more and more of the energy around us. We can then use this energy in our everyday life to reveal our full potential.
Mindfulness is the ability to be aware of your thoughts, feelings, emotions and motivations. It is a way of becoming self-aware without feeling the need to react or ‘do’ something with those thoughts and feelings. It is very hard to change ourselves without being first self-aware. Mindfulness helps us to ‘be present’ in the here and now, rather than always thinking about something else. Our simple exercises help you develop mindfulness.

Some people call this a Sixth Sense, but we think of it as all five senses fully opened. When your five senses are opened, you will be able to SEE, HEAR and FEEL what your mind, body and spirit is telling you. You may also be able to SEE, HEAR and FEEL it in other people. Opening your senses allows you to connect to the power of the universe and to unlock your own true power. This power is the power that mystics, shamans and holy men from around the world have talked and written about through the centuries. The Core Power Programme will show you how to unlock this.

Author: MyKiEnergy

“Who looks outside dreams, who looks inside wakes” Carl Jung Unlock your inner power: learn to meditate, develop mindfulness and be more present

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